eLife Training Program! Feedback from Participants

eLife Training Program has been completed in Kashmir successfully, I would like to share feedback from participants:

Ms. Fouzia: Our level of confidence has been enhanced and now we are able to explore vocational opportunities and choice career as per our skills and qualification!

Ms. Zubaida: Although we were involved in business activities before this but after participating in eLife training program our conceptual and theoretical understanding on Business and Entrepreneurship has been developed. Now we will become true business women in future.

Ms. Naheeda: eLife Training Program was good opportunity for us, after participating in the training program I had shared contents of the training with my family members such as communication skills, financial skills and managing money etc… eLife training program is an open door for us as we are able to develop business plan for creating business at small level.

Best Regards,

Ruby Dewan

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More Updates! eLife Training Program in Kashmir

Dear All,

Here we would like to share more updates on eLife Training Program which has been completed successfully in Kashmir, women from different locations and from far flung areas came and showed their interest in training program, they took part in group works, role plays, dialogues and discussion with full of their interest.

Ms. Faheem (Trainee) We were living in darkness, meanwhile we felt a ray of sun and that was eLife training program because due to participating in this training program we came to know about our direction for a successful life.

Best Regards,


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Story of one of our participants

Nagina’s Story (Do good-Have Good)

Nagina, age 37 is from Dheerkot. She has ten siblings and is literate, but couldn’t complete her education due to financial limitations. She pursued vocational training to become a seamstress so she could provide for her family and was able to make clothing for neighbors.  She became well known in her area and grew her enterprise and was even able to provide financial support to her siblings.

Unfortunately in 2005 due to a major earthquake her equipment and home were destroyed. Fortunately, within a two year period she was able to change gears and start a new enterprise. With the help of family she was able to secure 10 sewing machines and teach other women the trade so they too could financially contribute to their families’ well being.

Given her desire to grow her business and learn more, she participated in the eLife Training Program hosted by MDF this fall and just recently graduated. Nagina has shared, “I got valuable information on decision making, communication skills, budget, banking and creating a business.  Now I am planning to start my small business set up from home to market level in order to make an even better income for my family by utilizing all skills and information I got from the eLife training program.”

Great News!

We’re excited to share that not only have we just concluded our first eLife training series, but we are also the winner of the Teach A Man to Fish School Challenge Blog Competition of Oct 2012!

Working in partnership with IKI Foundation and implementing eLife curriculum by Foundation for Social Change, the program has been facilitated by nonprofit, Marshall Direct Fund. We have had participants traveling sometimes up to 2 hours each way to attend training and look forward to expanding to reach 1,000 more young deserving women next year!

More updates

We would like to share pictures on the progress of the vocational training program. Here women are participating in training session and sharing their handmade embroidered items. They should be so proud of their crafts, and they are now emboldened to take their enterprises to the next level with information they have been learning.

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